Azure Development (AZ-204)

Course Content

Introduction to Cloud
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Service Models
  • Cloud Deployment Models
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud computing
Introduction to Azure
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Azure Hosting Models
  • Azure Subscriptions & Portal
Azure App Service - Web Apps
  • Azure App Service core concepts
  • Creating an Azure App Service Web App
  • Configuring and Monitoring App Service apps
  • Scaling App Service apps
  • Azure App Service staging environments (DEPLOYMENT SLOTS)
Azure Sql Server Services
  • Sql server Database Introduction
  • Creating Sql Server & Database in Azure Portal
  • EF Code First Approach connecting with Sql Database
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Auditing & Logs
  • Implement Azure WebJobs
  • Introduction to WebJobs
  • Using WebJobs SDK
Implement Azure functions
  • Azure Functions overview
  • Developing Azure Functions
  • Implement Durable Functions
  • Input & Output Parameters
  • Azure functions and Sql database service
  • Creating and publishing azure functions using VS
Develop solutions that use blob storage
  • Storage Service Introduction
  • Types of Storage Account & Costing
  • Azure Blob storage core concepts
  • Managing the Azure Blob storage lifecycle
  • Working with Azure Blob storage
  • Working with Azure Blob Storage using VS
  • Table Storage Services working with VS
  • Storage Queue Service working with VS
  • File Storage overview
Develop solutions that use Cosmos DB storage
  • Azure Cosmos DB overview
  • Azure Cosmos DB data structure
  • Working with Azure Cosmos DB resources and data
Implement IaaS solutions
  • Introduction to VMs
  • Provisioning VMs in Azure
  • Create and deploy ARM templates
  • Create container images (docker container) for solutions
Implement user authentication and authorization
  • Overview of Authentication & Authorization
  • Microsoft Identity Platform v2.0
  • Authentication using the Microsoft Authentication Library
  • Authorizing data operations in Azure Storage
Implement secure cloud solutions
  • Introduction to Key Vault services
  • Manage keys, secrets, and certificates by using the Key Vault API
  • Implement Managed Identities for Azure resources
  • Secure app configuration data by using Azure App Configuration
Implement API Management
  • Introduction to webAPI
  • Deploying webAPI as APIApp
  • Deploying WebAPI Code First as API APP
  • API Management overview
  • Defining policies for APIs
  • Securing your APIs
Develop App Service Logic Apps
  • Azure Logic Apps overview
  • Creating Logic App
  • Looping in Logic App
  • Creating custom connectors for Logic Apps
Develop event-based solutions
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Event Hubs
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Notification Hubs
Develop message-based solutions
  • Introduction to Service bus
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Service Bus
  • Service bus Relays
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Queue Storage queues
  • Topics & Subscriptions
Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions
  • Introduction to Redis cache
  • Develop for Azure Cache for Redis
  • Develop for storage on CDNs
Monitor and optimize Azure solutions
  • Overview of monitoring in Azure
  • Instrument an app for monitoring
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting apps
  • Implement code that handles transient faults
Overview of Micro Services
  • Introduction to Micro services
  • Service Fabric Introduction
  • Working process of Service Fabrics
  • Application Models
  • Service Fabric Programming Models